Honda TypeR Concept Video

Michael Tiemann pointed me to this new Youtube video from Honda.

It is actually two ads in one. Pressing the “R” button in the ad switches the story from a suburban dad picking up his kids during the day to the same man pulling an art heist at night. If you watch it a couple of times you can see how they relate (things from the night scenes are referenced in the daylight scenes, etc.).

This reminded me of an ad campaign I wanted to do for Toyota. The letters “A T O Y O T A” are mirrored around the “Y”. So I wanted to do an ad where the point of view would start with a screamingly loud Toyota performance car ripping around some twisties and then switch into the interior which would be all luxury and quiet. This would happen a number of times until:


would appear on the screen and then slowly rotate, demonstrating the palindromic nature of the letters. Then the voice-over would say “Any way you look at it, it is still a Toyota”.

Not as cool as what Honda did, though.